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    ATG Fast Forward is a venture studio that provides access to global expertise and resources, and we will throw in our rocket scientists while we are at it. We partner and invest in the best ideas that spin-off from this thing we love and breathe: Space Technology



    ATG Fast Forward is part of ATG Europe and profits from more than 30 years of experience in working with industry partners in the aerospace and high-tech industry.

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    No incubators, competitions, demo days or accelerators. No venture capitalist either. We actually build stuff. We combine technical and commercial expertise, infrastructure, capital, and access to partners and customers, world-class training, and resources to help companies grow and scale.



    VanderSat turns satellite derived climate data into valuable information across all sectors. VanderSat’s unique methodology is taking advantage of data from a combination of satellites (multi-sensor) as well as different kinds of data (multi-frequency). This methodology combined with specifically designed algorithms is far beyond the current state-of-the art, even in the academic arena.


    Being based in Noordwijk, next to ESTEC, Europe's technical space hub and with top academic institutions close by puts us in a unique position.

    Totem Open Health


    Space tech for health? Hell yeah! The Totem Health Sensor is a wearable sensor that measures your vital signs. Your data is sent to your smartphone where you use an app to decide with whom you share your data. Privacy by default. Totem Open Health is an Open Ecosystem giving you the freedom to create your own algorithms, insights and use cases based on the Totem Health Sensor. We share everything we make. However, the user is always in control of his data.You may make, modify, distribute, and use the Totem Health Sensor in any way you like. As long as you give proper attribution and share your work in the same way as we did.



    The big difference? Wearable space tech that is developed as open hardware and open software. 



    VanderSense focusses on small cheap probes you can leave out in the field for over 10 years.The values can be read wireless in a 10 km radius from your base station. VanderSense uses the latest in wireless technology (LoRaWAN) that enables you to use energy efficient wireless sensor probes measuring whatever you want over great distances. All you need is one of our standalone gateways, these use a standard 3G connection or even a satellite phone connection if you are real remote. They are powered with solar energy to keep working forever. Each one of these gateways can service over 10.000 of cheap battery powered probes. Agribusiness and academic researchers, are you watching?





    One device, free data from space forever.

  • News

    Totem Health Patch secures another 70.000 euro in SIDN Funding

    The Totem Open Health Team just secured 70.000 euro for their prototype open source ECG development from the SIDN fund. This will accelerate their progress (and they were already moving fast!). Open Source E- Health is coming, spread the news.


    This project is also funded by the European Union Seventh Framework ProgrammeFP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement no 632838

    VanderSat will be co-hosting the 3rd Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop, New York, NY

    Totem Open Health

    wins second Proof It! Award


    And the winner is... Totem made the deepest impression on the jury. That is why Medical Delta-director Menno Kok handed the second Proof It! Award out to Diderik van Wingerden and Robbert Mica of this company.

    Totem Open Health is 1 of 10 finalists of UNICEF Wearables for Good!

    Teams and individuals from 46 countries, covering six continents, had entered with 250 design ideas submitted to the judges.

    The 10 shortlisted teams consist of innovative designers, engineers and technologists who have all created remarkable new wearable and sensor-based devices capable of helping the world’s most vulnerable people. This is a departure from the current mainstream wearables market, which is mainly focused on lifestyle devices for the developed world. The Wearables for Good design challenge expands that focus, showing how wearables can save lives by tackling maternal and child health issues in the most difficult physical and energy-constrained environments.


    How outer space is becoming the next Internet

    Bumps and bruises are perfectly normal for emerging companies, particularly tech start-ups. But the rapidly evolving and highly mysterious business of space presents obstacles on a much grander scale.

    VanderSat Awarded SBIR contract from Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

    On the 6th of July 2015 Transmissivity and it's sister company VanderSat came out on top of a SBIR competition for 'satellitedata usage for inspections' initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    We will be delivering a new product aimed at the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority to help them get powerful insights in Dutch Wetlands.

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